We've put together tabs of some of our favorite Doc Watson tunes for your learning and playing pleasure. These were arranged to preserve Doc's interpretation, but are simplified in regards to technique. They typically represent the simplest break in a recording and avoid advanced licks.

You'll find more tabs in the books and videos on our Learning page.

Title Scorch PDF iPad
Beaumont Rag
This is a transcription of Doc's arrangement from Doc Watson and Son. Doc plays it with a 12-string on this album.
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Fiddlers Dram
Doc frequently uses this tune in medleys. It's short and fairly easy.
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Gimme Back My Fifteen Cents
This song appeared on the album Down South and is a fun tune to play. We includes the lyrics.
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June Apple
This fiddle tune appears on the In Nashville - Good Deal! album.
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Old Joe Clark
This arrangement was taken from the track that appearing on the album Home Sweet Home.
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Red Rocking Chair
This traditional tune was recorded by Doc and Merle on their Red Rocking Chair album. This tab was taken from Doc's instrumental break.
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Salt Creek
This tune appears on several of Doc's Albums, usually in a medley with another tune. This is a generalized, simplified arrangement.
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Stone's Rag
This tune appeared in the album Riding the Midnight Train. Our arrangement is simplified from what Doc does and stays close to the tune.
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Twinkle Twinkle
This old fiddle tune is featured on Doc & Merle Watson's Guitar Album. It's a three-part tune with some challenging fingering, but a lot of fun!
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Whistlin' Rufus
This one appeared on Doc Watson and Son in a medley. It's a fairly long fiddle tune, but pretty straightforward.
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