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Doc Watson photoDoc at Merlefest
Photo courtesy of Jim Barrow

Doc's Guitar grew out of my desire to create a place on the Internet where folks could learn about Doc Watson and his style of playing guitar. The site is is intended to be a resource for both guitar players and fans who have an interest in Doc's music.

I've been a fan of Doc's since I first heard him on one of the old Newport Folk Festival recordings in the mid-1960's. The moment that I heard Doc play "Black Mountain Rag" on that recording was like an epiphany. I never heard anyone play the guitar like that before, and I've been trying to figure out how to play like Doc ever since. I've still got a long ways to go in that regard, but I'm enjoying the experience as much today as when I started.


A lot of fine folks provided assistance in creating this site. They've shared their thoughts, ideas, photos and feedback. Special thanks go to thank Mitch Greenhill of Folkways Productions for his frequent help and communications with Doc. I'd also like to thank David Gahr for his permission to use his compelling photographs of Doc on this site. Thanks also go to David Holt for his help not only with this site, but also for doing so much to preserve old-time music traditions. I'd also like to thank Jim Barrow, webmaster of the Merlefest site, Jon Hancock, photographer, and Sugar Hill Records for providing many of the photos you see here.

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