Welcome to Doc's Guitar, a site dedicated to the guitar and music of Doc Watson. A master at both flatpicking and fingerstyle guitar, Doc's skills are legendary.

Doc Watson has had a profound influence in traditional, folk and bluegrass music ever since coming to national attention in the early 1960's. His recordings and performances have inspired generations of aspiring guitarists to explore the mysteries of his phenomenal playing.

Here at Doc's Guitar you will find biographical information about Doc, along with a listing of the honors and awards he has received. We also feature a complete discography of Doc's recordings, as well as a bibliography of instruction materials and performance videos.

We also have a search engine that allows you to look up a tune and see a list of Doc's recordings, instruction books and videos where it appears. If you're interested in free tablature of tunes performed by Doc Watson, be sure to visit our tab page.

So sit a spell, have a look around and enjoy yourself!

"Doc Watson truly revolutionized the role of the guitar in folk, old time, bluegrass and country music."
- Dix Bruce

What's New

New Instruction Book: Play Like a Legend: Doc Watson
A great new book/CD from Joe Carr and Mel Bay featuring transcriptions of Doc's great guitar flatpicking recordings. It offers detailed explanations of special techniques employed by Doc such as Carter Plus soloing, using three note patterns (3NPs) and numerous crosspicking patterns. Exercises are designed to isolate specific licks and patterns, making them easier to learn.

New DVD: The Guitar Artistry of Doc Watson
Released in 2014, this DVD is a compilation of the best of Doc's performances over the years. It is wonderfully organized into sections with introductory comments by Doc. Sections include music in Doc's family, early radio influences, how he developed his flatpicking style, the 60's folk revival, memories of playing with Merle, and many more. This is a terrific DVD for both long-time and new Doc Watson fans to see and hear Doc playing throughout his long career.

New Anthology CD: The Definitive Doc Watson
This 2-CD set is an anthology celebrating Doc's best work. It is the first compiliation that features recordings from both his Vanguard Records and Sugar Hill Records years from 1962-2005. All Doc fans will treasure this CD!

Three Days With Doc
Take a look at this video done in 1976 for the BBC series "Omnibus." Great footage of Doc and family at home in Deep Gap, NC. Click Here to View Video

Memory Book Page
Doc's passing resulted in an outpouring of tributes, memories and sorrow from his fans. We've created a Memory Book to give all Doc Watson fans a way to share their thoughts, feelings and memories.

Visit Memory Book | Add Your Remembrance

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