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Doc Watson portrait taken in 1986.
(Photo courtesy of Peter Figen)


Doc's Guitar is dedicated to the guitar and music of Doc Watson. A master at both flatpicking and fingerstyle guitar, Doc's skills are legendary. Doc Watson had a profound influence in traditional, folk and bluegrass music ever since coming to national attention in the early 1960's. His recordings and performances have inspired generations of aspiring guitarists to explore the mysteries of his phenomenal playing.

Here at Doc's Guitar you will find biographical information about Doc, along with a listing of the honors and awards he has received. We also feature a complete discography of Doc's recordings, as well as a listing of instruction books, instruction videos and performance videos. You'll also find our song search page that allows you to look up a tune and see a where you and find that tune in Doc's recordings, instruction books and videos. If you're looking for free tablature of tunes performed by Doc Watson, be sure to visit our free tab page.

Our site has been updated since Doc passed away in 2012. This includes our Memory Book page, where you can share your thoughts, feelings and memories about Doc.

So sit a spell, have a look around and enjoy yourself!

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New CD
Never The Same Way Once
This is a new release of live recordings made in 1974 at the Boarding House in San Francisco. Recorded by legendary sound man "Bear" Stanley, the box set consists of 94 tracks on 7 CDs. The sound is pristine, Doc is in his prime, and some tracks "are one of a kind."

New CD
Doc Watson: Live at Purdue University
This CD is a live recording of one of Doc's earliest performances, as solo act in 1964 at Purdue University. This was shortly after he was brought to national attention and before Merle joined him.